The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

Clark Junior High, 145th Street and Third Avenue

Fighting over a Boy

It was a normal day at Clark Junior High School in the Bronx. Most of the kids at the school were self-sufficient and protective of who they truly are. Well one day I was conversating with my friends when Crystal, my best friend, came over and started talking about Chris, this boy my other friend’s dating. She sounded so obsessed and infatuated. Although she was my best friend I told her to leave him alone because he’s taken. Crystal is very good friends, so she says, with Debra, Chris’s girl. Every day at school they both would sit together and conversate. After they would conversate they would tell each other everything. That usually got me mad because I was her best friend, not Debra.

After Crystal daydreamed about Debra’s boyfriend she went over to him and started to flirt with him. But once I saw her skirt go up against his jeans, I knew something was going on. He was smiling back at her intensely. When Crystal said to him, “I like you and, I don’t care about Debra, she’ll get over it,” Debra was the first person at the scene. When Crystal noticed Chris looking away, she knew Debra was there.

When she looked that way, Debra stood angry, holding her blue book bag. Crystal got up from her lunch table and tried to walk away from her. Debra ran after her and punched her on the nose. She was so fast that a raged lion couldn’t compete with her. Crystal didn’t get any hits, well at least that’s what I heard. She had scratches on the side of her face, and her nose was bleeding. Her pride was lost.

She acted cool at lunch and wanted something. But she never got it. Debra was fine, she needed four people to calm herself down. I stood beside my best friend puzzled on why she would risk her popularity for an infatuation, and I sort of got some insight on why—and that is feelings, and emotions, makes the person you are. And I guess that was the Bronx that isn’t seen.

The story was posted on 2004-06-02