The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

Boston Rd. near 169th St.

Two Shoot-outs

Let me tell you about the Bronx. Itís not always the best place to live in. Sure, people go about in life like normal people in the Bronx, but deep down in their most frightening thoughts is the truth about the Bronx. Itís a scary and dreadful place. The worst of things happen in the Bronx. I should know from experience. There was twice a shoot-out on my block. And this is how it all happened.

I went to a party at one of my cousinsí houses one day during the summer. The party was going to last till like three in the morning and my parents wanted to leave, but my siblings and I wanted to stay until the end so we slept over. My parents came over the next morning with a devastated look on their faces. We asked what had happened and they told us that there was a shoot-out on our block.

We went home with them and saw the blood on the ground where it all happened. I asked my mom to tell me everything that had happened, and she did. She told me that when they got there, one guy shot another right in front of our car when my dad was parking. My mom was freaked out and didnít say a thing. She just saw a few kids walking very close to the wall of a building crying and very frightened. My mom was scared that the guy would turn his gun at her and shoot her so she watched him in complete silence.

My mom was very scared and didnít want us to talk about it in the house, or anywhere, for weeks. Like a month after, another shoot-out occurred, but this time no one saw because we were all in our apartment. We just heard the shots.

We donít go out as much because of this. So there you tell me what you think of the Bronx?

The story was posted on 2004-06-01