The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

184th St. and Washington Ave.

They Fought for Him

There are a lot of things happening on this street 24/7, but sometimes people be doing crazy stuff. But they keep it on the down low. One thing I still remember was when I was hanging out with my friends. It was summertime and the pumps were open and everybody was hanging out and having a good time. People came with their nice cars and drove up.

So the same day one of my friends, China, saw the girl she didn’t like. She left it alone, but the other girl didn’t. Her name was Jillian and China saw that she was looking at her the wrong way. So China did the same thing back until China was like, “I need to sop that bitch.” She went up to her and asked her what she was looking at and the other girl Jillian came out smart, so my friend threw the first hit and they went on.

A big crowd was gathering, but the whole reason was because my friend China went out with this Crip kid named Justin in my building. So they fought for him. Then fifteen minutes later the police came, and then a few minutes after, everything went back to normal.

The story was posted on 2004-06-06