The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

174th St. and Third Avenue

Incident on 174th Street

It was May 4, 2004, around 4:30 p.m. It was a hot spring day, everybody blasting music in the cars. My father and I were just finishing picking up my mother from her job. So my dad was driving the car and the green light goes on.

There was a Mexican man walking to a cab when three black kids came up to him and tried to steal his jacket. The jacket was a Pelle Pelle with all five boroughs stitched on in black and gray thread. So the Mexican man was trying to get it back. Then I see another kid coming out of nowhere trying to help his nigga, starting to throw hits but missing. Thatís when the Dominican taxi drivers felt sad about it and they took out bats from the back of the trunk and started running to the kids to try to hit them. But the black kids werenít stupid, they were spazzing, but what was funny was that I knew one of them, he graduated with me in middle school last year. But he didnít do nothing but just stand in the corner. My mom got scared they would hit our new car, so she said Just go the other way, because everything happened in front of our car. After that we drove off.

Bronx been a bad borough now, every time I see News 12 theyíre always killing and itís always the teenagers, so be careful. I learned a lot from what I saw on May 4, 2004.

The story was posted on 2004-06-06