The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

167th and Sheridan

A Normal Day

It was a hot sunny day. The temperature was in the 90s. Everyone was outside, the fire hydrant was opened, people getting wet, cars blasting music. It was a normal day.

All of a sudden I see a Mexican man walking down 167 thinking he look good. He was short, like about 4’ 5”. His hair was long, he had it in a ponytail. He had a blue Yankee hat with a tight Dickies shirt. As he passed by me, he winked his eye at me. I told my friends, “Oh, hell no, that ugly Mexican guy just winked his eye at me.” We all started laughing.

Later on in the day he passed by me again but this time with a woman. The woman he was with was pretty. She was taller than him. She had light-brown eyes and her hair was brown with blond highlights. She was wearing a short black dress.

As it started getting dark I got cold. My friends and I were about to go home. Then I see the same Mexican man beating on the woman he was with, with a broomstick. He beat her in a brutal way. She screamed and cried, “Don’t hit me anymore!” She started running and the Mexican man ran after her. When she ran up the block, a black man around his forties called the police. Ten minutes later the police came and asked what had happened. The black man said, “You’re too late.”

The story was posted on 2004-06-01