The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

4 train at 138th and Grand Concourse

Cracking Jokes on the Man with Thick Bifocals

One day Midas, Annlaura, and I was coming home from school. Every day we take the same route, the 4 train to 161, transfer to the D. So we were sitting in the waiting area for about an hour and a half (cause we never go straight home). Cracking jokes on every person who walked past us.

Some man with thick bifocals on walked past, so we all was laughing. I guess the guy overheard us and got offended, because he walked back to confront us. He stopped and acted like he was going through the turnstile, then he turned around and came to us. He nicely went right up to Midas and asked her, “I know ya’ll wasn’t cracking jokes on me.” So we all started to laugh. He then stepped on Midas’s foot and ran out the train station.

We all ran after him throwing bricks and bottles at him. When he finally stopped, Annlaura was standing next to him. Midas threw the brick and he snatched my glasses off Annlaura’s face and ran back into the train station, reporting the story to a cop.

The story was posted on 2004-06-01