The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

143rd and Morris

A Shocking Story

It was a Saturday afternoon. I was in the oval hallway of my apartment building waiting for my mother to come back and the smell of piss was killing my nose. I was looking down towards the park that led right in front of my building, 281. The park had just been cleaned, so you were able to smell the fresh spring grass.

I was waiting nervously for my mother to come back with my Chinese that was chicken and fries that I had ordered for lunch that day. I was waiting nervously because my mother was taking very long to go to the Chinese restaurant that was up the block from our house. I was very hungry and I was wondering why my mother had been taking so long. This time she took longer than she usually takes every weekend that she goes to pick up Chinese food for my little sisters and me.

Suddenly I heard a gunshot. It was more than one gunshot. It was like three shots. My heart jumped while I was still looking out of the window to see if my mom was coming. I then saw a boy drop with the second to third shots. The park started to fill up and people started surrounding the man who was shot. I heard screaming and crying. I looked a little to the back of where the boy was and saw my mother running. She had been right in back of the boy that was shot. Lucky for the boy that had good aim to catch who he wanted, because if not, then my mother would have been the one shot.

Finally my mother came upstairs with my Chinese food in her hand and shaking in a very fast motion. The Chinese food was very sloppy from all the running that she had been doing. Yes I was hungry but it really didn’t matter at this point because the only thing that I was caring about was my mother. I was happy that she was ok and that nothing had happened to her. We ended up eating nothing for lunch and just waited until dinner came.

The story was posted on 2004-06-01