The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

161st Street Mall

New Eyes

I recently bought contacts for the first time. I’ve had them from since a couple months ago. I bought them just for looks, just to change my color, to bring out my inner beauty. Before I purchased them, I had to ask my mother, but she disagreed with me. She said, “You don’t need them; your eyes are fine.” I said, “Ma, I just wanna change my eye color.”

Then she finally told me, “Okay, it’s your money, do what you wanna do with it.” But now that I have them, I feel more confident than before when I didn’t have them. I feel that it brought out my personality more.

Well I really didn’t have a hard time getting the money to buy the contacts because my aunt or my sister give me money all the time. So when I went to the Eye Express on 161st by the mall, I had to choose what color. I approached the assistant and said, “Can I see what color contacts you have?” She said, “Hold on, I’ll get them for you, give me a minute.” She looked like a strict person, she wore glasses and she stood like she had a hunch-back. She really wasn’t that friendly. She didn’t give me tips on what color contacts I should get, so I had to pick ‘em myself.

I picked Honey Brown because of my complexion. So I headed home, tried them on, and I felt so glamorous. Not to be conceited but it was hot, it was fire like crazy, I love them a lot. So now I get more attention and comments about my eyes, and especially I get them hot boys.

At times when I go out with my friends or whomever, I always get caught up in someone who asks me, “Are those your real eyes?” Sometimes I say, “Yeah, they are,” when they’re really not. Sometimes I have people telling me, “God bless you, Ma, I like your eyes.”

The story was posted on 2004-06-02