The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

169th and Merriam Ave.

The Killing of "Bless"

It was on a sunny day in the summer. Me and my friends chilling having a nice time. I see my best friend come in the park. She was with a new boy. Both of them seemed like they had a nice time together. We chilled and talked. Both of them left and didn’t return until dark time. Deborah called me and her other friend to chill with her. It was time for us to leave. So we said bye and left. The only two people was there was Deborah and Bless. Deborah’s ex-boyfriend came and said hi.

“What’s good,” he said. “Who is dis?”

He said, “I am Bless.”

Deborah’s ex-boyfriend said, “I don’t like him,” so Bless responded back and just punched him. Deborah’s ex-boyfriend just walked away.

So later that night they both was chilling in the back of the building cause there are two ways to get inside. So Deborah decided to turn around and there was her ex-boyfriend and his crew. So she started to panic and went inside the building. Deborah told Bless to run and get his brothers. Then the ex-boyfriend’s friends said, “No, you ain’t going nowhere.”

The ex-boyfriend said, “How could you do this to me? I thought we were lovers,” holding a gun pointing at Bless. Deborah told Bless to run. By the time he got around the corner her ex-boyfriend had shot him and ran out the building, all his peoples had bats and knives but didn’t use them. Deborah ran to Bless’s side and said, “I love you, don’t leave me.”

He said, “It hurts a lot.”

She said, “I know.”

His brothers called the cops and they came right on time. But the ambulance came mad late. He was passing away slowly. By the time the ambulance came, Bless had died. She started crying and having a heart attack. The doctor said he died of shock. He said, “He couldn’t survive at all if he needed to.”

He got buried and she said, “I will miss Bless thru my years coming.” She talks to her friends and she says, “I got to move on to bigger and better things.”

The story was posted on 2004-06-01