The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

183rd and Crotona Ave.

Block Party 2003

Last year of 2003, my block, which is 183rd Crotona Ave. to 183rd Garden St., had a big block party. I didn’t know we were having one but my friends came to my house to let me know that there was going to be one. When I walked out my building, all I heard was very loud music and people screaming. It was a hot July, so everybody was out there. There was a DJ playing rap music, so you know everybody was hype. They had about two grills that had hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on them. Kids was out there wetting each other with their water guns, and people were just having a good time.

They had all types of competitions. They had dance competitions and basketball competitions. After everybody saw the different competitions, they had an “amateur” fashion show. Me, my friends, and my brother’s friends went to go see it. A guy had designed and made the clothings himself. The fashion turned out to be pretty good, because all the female models had their hair done nice, and there wasn’t only tall, skinny models. They had short models, thick models, even little kids were modeling!

I knew this was going to happen but I was praying it wouldn’t. Two black women got into a huge argument over something stupid and started fighting. This man had broke them up, but there were screaming to each other, “It’s not over!! It’s not over!!” When I heard that I knew it was time to go home. Before I went upstairs I had to look for my brother and three little nephews and take them upstairs. As I was looking for them I heard three gunshots. I was terrified! I didn’t know if my brother, or one of my nephews, got shot.

Everybody was running and so was my heart. All I was thinking about was, “What if one of them got shot? What if one of them got shot?” Luckily I saw my brother holding onto my nephews’ hands and they were running to get inside the building. As soon as we arrived upstairs we went racing to the window to see what was going on by now. People were running and screaming; it was a madhouse out there. Cop helicopters were in the air, the cops were running and arresting people. After all this, I knew from now on that I wasn’t going to this block party again.

The story was posted on 2004-06-01