The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

Mosolu Parkway between Gates and Knox


On Mosholu Parkway between Gates and Knox

P-nut from M-Mob he got shot

When my friends and I heard we all were in shock

He was only fifteen, he was too young to die

When everyone found out, there was nothing but tears in their eyes

I know itís wrong to question God, but Why?

He was just a younginí

And now his friends and family are struggling

If he was still alive he could have turned out to be something

Now heís gone and he canít be nothing

He up in heaven looking down

With his big beautiful smile

P-nutís down and M-Mobís to go

Whoís next to lose their life?

No one knows

As we rep his shirts

Inside we all hurt

Even though P-nutís gone

We try to keep the block hot

Even though when we walk outside

We can still remember those three shots

One bullet in his chest

Two in his back

Now we all have to watch out backs

October 24, 2003, we will never forget

M-Mob ya better watch out

Cause one of ya might be the next suspect

The niggaz that shot him ya betta regret

Ya betta watch out and protect ya set

Cause we stand tall, with a candle lit

My nigga P-nut, we will never forget


The story was posted on 2004-06-01