The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

161st St. mall

The Time I Almost Got Jumped

It was back in the eighth grade that I almost got jumped. I had just taken off my pierced earring because I was going to buy a real one. So after school, like about 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., I went to the 161st St. mall to buy them. So I went with my friends and everything to buy them, we are walking in the store, and I ask the guy if he has dice earrings. He said no, so I was like aight, thanks.

So then I went to the other store and asked the man if he has dice earrings, and he also said no. So me and my friends left. Then as we are on our way out of the mall, my friend Jose tells me to walk faster, that niggas is following us. So I was like, “F*** outta here, nigga. I smack them niggas in they face. Stop playing with me, Fams.” I said that because I thought he was playing. So then he was, “Aight, Samy, you the man, aight.” So I look back and I see like at least ten or twelve niggas following us. So Jose gets out through some doorway and I am walking with my other friend Paul, and he starts calling his cousin—it really isn’t like twelve niggas was going to get scared from Paul calling his cousin.

Then Paul get out because he ran to make pretend that he was calling his cousin. So I am walking by myself and then Jose come out of nowhere and says, “Samy, watch out, Son,” and then I look back and I see this big-ass Dikembe Mutumbo in-the-face-ass nigga trying to grab me by my neck because he wanted my chain. So when he threw his arm out, I jet it son, my ass was gone. At the end I went back to my block and got people and went back to the mall to see if they was there, but they wasn’t, so after that I just left.

The story was posted on 2004-06-28