The Raven #2: Bronx Stories

East 163rd St. btw Teller & Park

“03” Blackout

We finally got light back! After an entire day went by. It wasn’t no orderly day, it was a blackout. F***in’ Con Edison! He lucky we got light back. “We” as in my block. Da 3rd, E 163rd Street, between Teller and Park. Right across the store Animal Feeds. Everybody was outside like if the world was gonna end and they were spending the last time chillin’ at da 3rd.The last time I saw that many people chillin’ at da 3rd was before Y2K, 2000—the new millennium. Everybody’s talkin’ outside about what just happened, runnin’ from their apartments. One had been playing PS2 and said, “Damn, son, I was about to just pass that game.” And it was so hot and we couldn’t even put on the fan. Now everybody’s outside, family, friends, peoples, niggas, enemies, you name it, they was there, everybody. The dealers get mad money and more beef from haters from the other block.

The story was posted on 2004-06-28